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Logo Brand Design

A corporate identity that is well recognized by your business competitors.

Logo Brand Design

Logo Brand Design

A logo is very much essential if you are working with a brand or if you are branding your company to make your brand show its appearance in public. This helps your business to become ahead of your competitions. Logo is the graphical representation of your business identity and in creating this identity, with unique ideas is our primary target that let everyone memorize and recognize your brand in an instant.

Importance of Logo Design

  • A great logo design should be able to reflect the overall image of your company or business you own.
  • Our team of expert designers at Cigma Techno Lab closely work with clients so that you get what you hope to achieve for your business.
  • The brand logo will be designed such a way that it can reflect your business or website. Whenever your website users look at the logo, they will be able to distinguish it among all the other logos they know.
  • A great looking logo design should be able to attract everyone's attention. If this is the attention you want to grab, then Cigma Techno Lab team can do this for you with innovative creations to catch the attention of site visitors and make them come again and again.
  • Our designs not only grab attention but can also make the visitors read further which makes them know about your company with high level of interest.
  • A logo design must be unique and original. So, we make sure to make it look professional and at the same time it can make everyone recognize its originality and uniqueness.
  • We never compromise our client's sense of authenticity.We make sure that your logo design is unique and suits as per your business needs.
  • A logo should leave a good impression to the website visitors on you and so creating a design that can make them remember your business is must. This will definitely make your business stronger.

Why Cigma Techno Lab for Logo Design?

  • Original, unique and innovative design for your business
  • We work with unlimited revisions till you get 100% satisfaction
  • Cost effective and very affordable prices
  • On time submission and daily reporting
  • You get the best of our services
  • 24 x 7 full support


What is the process?

  1. The brainstorming phase when we make many ideas for a perfect logo.
  2. Sketching when we implement all the ideas in brain on the paper.
  3. Initial drafts when we design it on the system from when the client actually cares.
  4. Revising and modifications are done based on the client likes and dislikes
  5. Finalizing the logo after all the modifications and client's satisfaction.

What is the turn around time?

This definitely takes some time this is good for a good outcome. 1 – 2 weeks for an initial design and 2 more weeks for modifications based on the client likes and dislikes. The next week is for finalization.

Can you re-design existing logo?

Yes, we can modify your existing logo based on how you want it to be.

Who keeps the rights on the logos created?

All the rights of the logos designed by us belong to the respective clients.

Why do the colors look different on different computers?

The visible colors on the screen depend on the screen settings and color setup. It also depends on the brand and model of the monitor. No one create such a design that looks alike on all the computers.

Why does the color on the print out differs?

The printer doesn't have the same colors your logo has on the screen. If you want the perfect print out, then you need to calibrate the printer with the screen.

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